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Share Your Message Loud and Clear

Everyone in your congregation should be able to take in sermons, hear songs and watch presentations clearly. However, without a good audio-visual setup, they might be straining to hear you from the back. You can make sure they don't miss a moment by working with Carters Audio Video LLC. Our team based in Van Buren, AR completes AV installation for churches and other places of worship.

Plus, before we sell any equipment, we provide free consultations. You can meet our team to discuss:

  • The size and layout of your space
  • How you typically use your space
  • What you need to display or amplify

We'll help you pick out equipment that's suitable for your place of worship. To schedule a consultation, call 479-646-5901 now.

Choose from a full range of audio-visual equipment

Maybe your worship band needs stage lighting set up. Maybe your family movie screenings call for a projection installation project. We have plenty of options for:

  • Sound
  • Stage and house lighting
  • Projection
  • Presentation software
  • Livestreaming
  • Video matrixes
  • Control systems

We have training and custom design opportunities, too. Contact us now to plan your projection installation or sound system setup.

Panasonic Projectors for Worship

Panasonic Projectors for Worship

by cartersav | Church

With congregations skewing older, houses of worship across the country are looking for ways to increase attendance and transform the worship experience by appealing a younger, more tech savvy audience. To dramatically grow the number of millennial members, Redemption...


GENERAL INFORMATION ON LICENSING Many churches don't have a good general understanding of licensing for music and video use. It is important to educate yourself and attain the proper licensing for the music and video use within your services. There is a misconception...